Greetings! You should know, what this page is about. No, you don't? Okay, that's fine, make yourself some tea...

Let's be clear.

So, I'm The Dilettante, who makes some strange and interesting stuff sometimes. I'm talking about software, hardware, graphics and piles of garbage on my desk.

Seriously speaking, several of my projects can be quite useful and interesting for a certain audience. And I'm supposed to publish 'em right here, on very few pages of this resource.

...and again: What?

Please, stay tuned. Look at the slogan on the header's image: I'm too sluggish. I will fill out considerable parts of this page and will start making another, project-related pages.

And what the heck "Slothful manufacture" is? Why it is "manufacture", but not a "manufacturer"? Next time on the "MagnusKos's Workshop: The Chronicles".

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English.


Also, if you'd read all the writings above, you MUST click this link: Definitely not a RickRoll.